The way, the truth and the lifer

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The way, the truth and the lifer

Hi, I'm Jr Bernucci. I'm 40 pushing 50, but you wouldn't really say. And if you did I wouldn't care.

I started this thing for a number of reasons - I reckon the real Lifers out there, the discerning, uncompromising, unwavering few (hopefully not so few) don't have a banner to rally under. You either wear band stuff or you're stuck with 'keep calm and blank blank blank' t-shirts. Or the usual ironic/horror/fanboy stuff. Which is fine too, but I wanted more. I wanted to find something that meant 'I'm part of something that's bigger than me, bigger than the sum of its parts'. I didn't find shit, so I figured I'd get it done. I'm starting with what I know, which is a bit of design, a bit of music, a bit of cool stories about amazing people and in time people like me, people like us, are going to be spreading the word. And I'll be able to put more cool stuff up, design some more cool t-shirts, help some bands along, promote events, get a whole community going on. Don't get me wrong - this ain't no charity, and by all means it's a business enterprise. But it's a business with a heart and a soul, a history, with dues paid and all that crap. 

Keep an eye on the blog, I'll be interviewing some incredible people, true Lifers with amazing life stories - no models, no actors, people like us. Lifers.

Welcome to the Way of Lifer.

Oh, and in case you're wondering I'm the one in the middle. The others are Alex Palmer, jeweller extraordinaire and owner of Seventh Circle Artworks  and Brian Stewart, a man with so many talents it'd take another whole internet just to sing him praise. Both of them will feature here real soon.


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