DOC Industries, BCN.

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DOC Industries, BCN.

I came across these guys (guy?) kind of by chance in one of those late night 'follow the linkage' exercises and got instantly hooked by their designs. And since I was about to get my very own first skateboard ever I thought I'd buy a couple of stickers and it went on from there.

Rafa Rodriguez -  the main man - is based in sunny Barcelona and has one of those insane day jobs helping Orbea design their bikes. Let's take a moment to reflect on that. Bastard.

They're also the people behind Navaja Automatica press which put out this amazing limited edition book called Bike Wars (which I treated myself to as a Xmas pressie) with incredible urban biking pictures by Spanish photographer Gema Polanco

Check them out here, their illustrations and posters have a weird 'Russian prison tattoo' feel which I fucking love and can't get enough of - I've already ordered one of their t-shirts as well to go the full hog. Well I say 'ordered', it's more of a swap but hey...

100% recommended for hardcore cyclists, boarders or just into badass imagery!


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