Fuck You and Your Stupid Music - volume 1<br> Also in uber limited edition cassette.

Fuck You and Your Stupid Music - volume 1
Also in uber limited edition cassette.

In true John Peel style, we've got everything and the kitchen sink on this one. There's something for everyone, and if there isn't then you wait for volume 2. Simples.

We've made 33 cassette copies, and 20 of them are up for grabs FREE when you order a t-shirt. First come, first served. And I'm telling you, this thing sounds NIIIICE on tape. 

(If you can't get a cassette it's not the end of the world though - you still get a digital download with purchase. Or when you sign up for the newsletter...)

And here's the link to the youtube video with the whole thing on it, with track list and shit.

The bands

Brian Stewart, Alex Palmer, Jr Bernucci

London, UK - GNA’s been around forever, terrifying pensioners (Brian) across the length and breadth of the country (mostly East London). An unsavory blend of hardened rock, industrial and punk with a hint of cockney mischief. Go see them live at your own peril. Track - "Pin". A hell of an opener, also opens their live gigs.

GNA's Facebook Page 


Asnake Guebreyes, Damien Cluzel, Benoit Lecomte, Lionel Martin, Guilhem Meier 

Lyon, France/Addis Abeba, Ethiopia - Taking its inspiration in traditional and popular Ethiopian songs, the music of uKanDanZ is mainly characterised by the originality of its compositions and arrangements as well as its extraordinary energy.

That's what they say. I reckon they sound almost like a world music RATM on this track. Be sure to watch the video as well, it's awesome. Track - "Tchuetén bestsèmu", a head-spinning change of pace. Or is it?

uKandDanZ's Facebook Page


Lord Zzaard aka Brett Makowski

Connecticut, US - The mighty Lord Zzaard wrote and recorded this on his own-ish, and it's pure brutality. Understandably so - Brett is the real deal and comes from first-generation old school badassness stock.

A Lifer amongst Lifers, his music borrows heavily from his extensive extreme past and yet manages to sound fresh and original. Couldn't recommend this enough. Track - "Torn Apart by Wolves". Someone call the paramedics.

Zzaard's Facebook Page


Jota Wagner, Gustavo Almeida, Fernanda Offner, Eduardo Wisch

Jundiai, Brasil - One of the original bands from the ultra cult Sao Paulo state alternative scene in the mid-90's (the infamous 'Visit Jundiai, Brasil's Seattle'), Burt Reynolds' sound is a mix of 60's British Rock and 90's psychedelic guitar bands, with a hint of 80's naughtiness thrown in for good measure. 

20 years on, they're still as fresh and powerful as back then, with some new faces to carry the flag on. Track - "Bleeding Heart". A cheeky little number to dance to.

Burt Reynolds's Facebook Page


Hauron Kherty, Andrew Johnston, Geoff Bradley, Charlie Lord, Jon Rushforth

Brighton/ Guildford/ Weymout/ Sterling, UK - A savage blend of Black Metal, Death Metal and Grind Core that's as technical as it is abrasive. They tell you they're going to hurt you, then they hurt you. So fucking raw it borders on the uncalled for.

Track - "The Harrowing". A haunting motherfucker of a tune.

Hades Lab's Facebook Page


Diana Dayrit, Jon Magel, Mike Sherry, Patrick Alexander

New York, US/Yarnton, UK - Cast your mind back to your teenage grave: the last time you stayed up late for songs you loved, and friends you craved. Get old and scream into the fucking wind. You Are The New Youth.

Nothing I could have said would have sounded anywhere as awesome as that, so there you go. Track - "Salt in the Wounds". A personal favourite, so fuck you all.

 The New Youth's Bandcamp


Richard K, Nuj Farrow

London, UK - Bred in the carnivorous creative hunger of founder RICHARD K, British Electro Metal Industrial MACHINE ROX provides an irrepressible resistance proof contagion striving to persistently ignite the senses. Since forming in 2007, the band has sculpted a merger of Industrial, EBM Metal and Electro Rock which has rampaged whilst pushing the boundaries of band and genre.

Track - "I See Blood - Lifer Remix". This song is already amazing, then Richard goes and remixes it just for us with extra anger thrown in. Sweet.

Machine Rox's Website


Rich Walker, Andy Whittaker, Paul Kearns, Ian Buxton, James Ashbey.

England/EireAn enormous door, slamming in the depths of West Yokshire.

"Like Wheat In The Wind, Bow And Bend
Your Will And Your Knee, To That Of Your Lord
He Laughs, Beckons, To Fools Who Listen
Enraptured By Words, Hollow, Ill Thought
Revenants Of Rebellion, Haunt Your Periphery
A Cold And Nameless Grave, The Propylon Void"

Track - "To Sol A Thane". Epic in the true sense of the word.

Solstice's Facebook Page


Alessandro Queler, Guilherme Saba, Tercio Esperandio, Will Geraldo

Jundiai, Brasil - Textures, layers, noisy backgrounds, ambient landscapes, drum machines, all manners of guitars and a firm foot on progressive rock. That's our good old V.A.I.N.

Will Geraldo has been at it since the dawn of times, and this is his finest output. Track - "Bricks". Great with a glass of cognac and a cigarillo. Possibly some chocolate truffles. And

V.A.I.N.'s Website


Bannister, Hendricks, Campari, Railgrind

London, UK - Barcreeps united over a love of record labels Such as Fat Wreck, Epitaph, Touch and Go, Jade Tree and Dischord. They play fast, irreverent punk rock that wouldn't sound out of place on these labels - but with a distinctly English twist.

Fast like NOFX... Smart like Bad Religion... Melodic like Snuff... Passionate like Billy Bragg... Uncool like Weezer... Punk rock like the 90s - when guitars were real and millennials weren't invented yet. Track - "The Hour Between Dog and Wolf". *hoooowwwwllll*

Barcreeps' Facebook page


Jr, Pato, Will

London, UK - Weird music for weird people. Rough stuff, approach with caution.

Track - "Circle of Life and Death". Hakuna Fucking Matata.

 Death by Visitation of God's Facebook Page 


Ordal, Galgast and Isensaur

Nottingham, England - English Animist Black Metal. Pure audio violence, the sound of withered crops, poisoned rivers and dying forests .

Track - "Red Grain". Raw, arid, like smoking a cigarette lit at the filter. In a bad way.

RID's Facebook Page


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