Radio waves driving me INSANE

Radio waves driving me INSANE

To lift a line straight from their rather endearing website, "before people started talking about electro-rock, Santos band 'Harry' was already doing experiments mixing Brit rock, technopop and a pinch of industrial". And so they were, and that was fucking 1985... Think about it. 1985. Remember how shit music in general was?

I first heard it in 1988. I was watching this Brazilian TV show for 'hip' teenagers (or so we thought),  the kind of show where you might see Sepultura or Ratos de Porao strutting their stuff from time to time so you HAD to watch it every time just in case, and these guys came up. Here's the video in case you're wondering, and my mind was truly blown for a number of reasons. I didn't know people were doing this kind of stuff just under our noses down the road in Santos. To be fair, I didn't even know this kind of stuff existed. Also, those live appearances by bands were notoriously shitty in terms of sound but somehow they managed to push through it without sounding like a kazoo orchestra.

I quickly forgot about it and life went on, until one day I was at my good friend Espana's house (and this was like centuries later) nosing around his record collection when I saw he had their 'Fairy Tales' album. It was one of those moments of controlled surrealism, where you go 'hmmm, so I didn't DREAM about this, it actually does exist'. To his surprise I asked him to play it, and every single time I went to his house after that I managed to at least squeeze Lycanthropia (which I'm so obsessed about we used to cover it with my old band) and The Beast Inside in before he did his thing of showing us only snippets of songs. He did that all the fucking time, bless him. 

Their other stuff is also good, but this album is an absolute killer. No, it's definitely not metal, or industrial, or EBM, or hardcore in any way, shape or form. It's just very interesting, incredibly listenable, and for the time and place (1985, Santos/SP) a true work of art.

I hear they're still around, playing the odd gig around the Sao Paulo area like the legendary lifers they are.

Check them out.



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