Rise above induced superstition

Rise above induced superstition

When I was a young kid, in my early teens, I didn't care about music much. I listened to whatever was on the radio, and frankly could take it or leave it. I'd like whatever everybody else liked, or at least pretend to. Not fussed at all.

Then the first major change in my life occurred - a kid in school turned up with Iron Maiden's 'Powerslave'. We took turns taking it home, and I must confess I did it more because I knew that artwork was going to piss my mother off no end. Then I played it for the first time, and my perception of the world literally changed there and then. Sure, I knew some heavier bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin from my older cousins but they had NOTHING on this, as far as I was concerned. Aces High is SO fast when you're like 14 and Brazilian it makes your head spin.

A few years later it happened a second time, when I first listened to Slayer. Somehow, given the complete mindfuck it was to get hold of the 'new' bands coming from the US and Europe, I'd managed to listen to Hell Awaits before Show No Mercy. I could not believe my ears - why so fucking fast, and heavy, and brutal, and cool. I was left gasping for air.

That only happened once more, and I wonder if it will ever happen again. Some guy I knew gave me this tape that had Napalm Death's 'Scum' on one side, and 'FETO' on the other. Like some other people out there I just assumed the tape was fucked. Didn't even cross my mind that it was actually on purpose... I got absolutely obsessed with ND and their 'sister' band Carcass, and everything else coming from Earache records. Those were the days.

The natural evolution of a band like ND meant that from 'Scum' to 'FETO' they grew up quite a bit, and would eventually become the band that recorded 'Harmony Corruption' (without Lee...) but in the meantime they put out what I reckon is the best thing they ever produced. 'Mentally Murdered' is raw, intense, fast, brutal, yet well produced, technically superior and, well, the songs are actual songs. And the artwork is amazing (I have it in colour and in BW, because that's how I roll), and there's no shortage of Morbid Angel t-shirts in the band picture. 

To me, this EP (only 6 songs) symbolises all that was so cool about that time, it defines an era and brings the early ND years to an end. Check it out. 


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