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If you live in London like I do you need to find stuff to do so you don't go absolutely insane on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Sure, there's actual stuff to do like cleaning and tidying up and recycling and that bit of DIY you know you should be able to do but fuck it, someone else can deal with that. I'm thinking something cool and rewarding, something you can rub your friends faces in and be all snobby about. I reckon making your own food ticks all the boxes. I'm already the one cooking at home (by choice and necessity...

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I'm sorry vegetarian and vegan friends and family. It's not you, it's me. And the rest of us. I've tried a couple of times to go mostly veggie, but I always stumble upon two major hurdles - bleeding red meat and bacon. Possibly together. The way I eat meat probably qualifies me as a near-vampire, so let's park that. Let's talk bacon for a minute. How do we explain this love affair with what's essentially sizzling pig's fat burnt to a crisp? How do we get our heads around the fact that it's so fucking good that some religions out there...

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