The Blackened Whispers of our Lord ZzaarD

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The Blackened Whispers of our Lord ZzaarD

As my good pal Alex would say, 'Lifers can smell other Lifers'. Too true.

This little chapter started in May '15. The aforementioned Alex came to me and said, 'hey I'm doing some work for this guy who used to be in Incantation'. I don't know exactly what I was doing, but I stopped immediately. 'What, THE Incantation??'. Turns out it was indeed. Anyway, he shows me this one track and asks me to keep under my hat, he's not sure the dude wants it out in the world just yet, that kind of thing. That was 'Torn Apart by Wolves', by Brett Makowski, AKA Buzz, AKA Lord Zzaard. And it blew my mind.

Fast forward to a year later, and I'm talking to Alex about this cassette I want to put together - Lifer bands, Life musicians, for Lifers, and Brett immediately comes to mind. Literally within minutes we were talking on FB like we're childhood bros. Lifers smelling other Lifers indeed. He OK's the track for the compilation and I high five myself.

So, what the fuck is ZzaarD I hear you ask?

ZzaarD is a full scale American unum hominem blackened Death Metal project. Formed by Lord Zzaard on the evening of the alleged ending of the planet called Earth, December 21st twenty twelve at the twelfth stroke of midnight.

As the big man himself tells it:

"It dawned upon me in this chaos, if the world was still around after midnight, lol I thought, that I need to put together the blackened Death Metal project that I've always wanted to do, just myself. So that evening I paid my respects to Ancient One's and cast a wind, thus the writing of and capturing  of the first ever ZzaarD  e.p. 'My Blackened Whispers' was set into motion."

"The Metal gods allowed me the time to Break free from my Earthen duties in San Jose, CA  and fly back to Portland,OR and over a very cold, rainy and gloomy 10 day period I recorded the 4 song debut EP along with a fellow local Portland warrior guitarist/musician/producer named Kris-(Darth Fader) AKA the (Green Manalishi with a two pronged crown).

With him at the helm of Hades control board we were able to capture what I believe to be the live feel of what I had envisioned from it's inception. Raw heavy stripped down Blackened Death Metal with a homage to older schools of metal."

So there you have it - a bona fide Lifer with all the credentials to go with (fuck, this guy played in Havohej, Profanatica, Cyberchrist and a bunch of other bands), plus the fact that he's what we call in this country a 'diamond geezer' - and that despite the fact that life may or may not have been as kind to him as he would have wished. Did he lay down and cry? Did he fuck! He did what Lifers do: roundouse-kicked life in the face and started afresh.

We salute you!

Hail Lord Zzaard, Hail the Ancient Ones!

Go to ZzaarD's Facebook page.


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