Pigtagram - offend everyone, everywhere.

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That all-purpose multi-offensive t-shirt you've always wanted!

We've all been there. You wanted to offend every single sanctimonious cunt in the room and somehow, despite Cradle of Filth's best efforts, you still came up short. 

Well not anymore - this here baby was designed under laboratory conditions to offend christians, muslims, jews, buddhists, hindus and even make a mockery of satanic imagery. With the added bonus of professing one's love to the one and only sizzling divinity and pissing off vegetarians, vegans, them people who only eat fish, etc...

Disclaimer: it won't work if you're trying to use it for homophobic, xenophobic or any other phobic purposes. In that case, sadly YOU are the cunt in the room. Go away.


This t-shirt is NOT handprinted.

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This t-shirt is printed on Gildan Premium, check here for your correct size.